Reflect on Sega's Streets of Rage series and you'll no doubt remember the radical soundtrack. It was all thanks to the magic of Japanese composer, Yuzo Koshiro. The music for this particular series was considered ahead of its time, experimenting with an array of styles. 

As unbelievable as the Streets of Rage 4 announcement is, it's already raised a few questions. One, in particular, is about the electric dance-influenced music score the series was so well known for and if the original composer will be making a return. According to the tweet from the man himself, Koshiro understands what fans are expecting and is currently unable to discuss anything regarding the newly announced fourth entry, developed by Lizardcube and DotEmu - the studios behind Wonder Boy: The Dragon's Trap reboot.

The press release for the fourth game says there'll be a "thumping soundtrack to get your blood pumping", and makes reference to Koshiro as the original composer of the series. Though, it doesn't clarify if he'll be returning or not. We can only hope he does, as his music is what helped make the original trilogy of beat 'em up games so popular.

As we previously noted, platforms are currently unconfirmed, but given that Wonder Boy appeared on the Switch, the chances of a Nintendo version are good.

Are you excited about Streets of Rage 4? Do you hope Yuzo Koshiro is linked to the new game's soundtrack? Tell us below.