Earlier this week, it was revealed that Saints Row: The Third will be arriving on Switch sometime next year, surprising almost everyone in equal measure. As it turns out, the game will feature all previously released DLC, too. Lovely!

The game saw three major content packs be released just a couple of months after the main game arrived in November 2011, as well as numerous smaller additions that were regularly added for a while after launch. Called Genkibowl VII, Gangstas in Space, and The Trouble with Clones, the three packs each contain around an hour or so of extra gameplay.

Genkibowl VII introduced four new activity types including Sad Panda Skyblazing, which is a completely new style as opposed to the others which were modified versions of already existing activities. Gangstas in Space was a new arc about the film of the same name referenced in the main story. The player is tasked with three different missions based on getaway vehicles, a linear map shootout, and an aircraft battle.

The Trouble with Clones (which was seen as the best release of the three by critics at the time) is another three-mission series which has the player tracking down a clone of Saints leader, Johnny Gat. There's plenty of fighting against gangs and police, a part where you have to tranquilise people with a gun that fires a literal swarm of bees, and a section where the player receives special powers, increasing their speed and strength.

Did you play Saints Row: The Third when it originally released, or are you thinking of picking it up for the first time on Switch? Perhaps you're thinking of buying it on Switch for a second run-through? Let us know with a comment below.