CIRCLE Entertainment has announced a partnership with developer Pathea Games to release the studio’s next game on Nintendo Switch: Protoform.

Details surrounding the title are still rather slim at the moment, with the game set to arrive at some point in 2019, but it is said to feature a sizeable world to explore with an emphasis on puzzle solving and story-telling. The game's first press release provides a little more detail:

"Protoform is a game that’ll deliver a clean aesthetic, with gameplay that’ll focus upon exploration and puzzle-solving within a large world. In addition it will have an intriguing story to tell, with the goal of drawing the player into the world."

Pathea Games' previous titles include open-world sandbox adventure Planet Explorers, and - more recently - My Time at Portia, a game that was revealed to be on the way to Switch later this year. More information on Protoform is expected to follow over the coming weeks and months, so we'll make sure to keep an eye out for any further announcements.

Are you intrigued by the idea of this one? Will you be checking back for more news in the future? Let us know below.