If you're a footie fan, you were very likely glued to your TV screen over the summer taking in this year's rather weird and wonderful World Cup. Amongst the VAR shenanigans, players caught the attention of gamers everywhere - and the mainstream press, for that matter - by performing dances from battle royale epic Fortnite after scoring goals.

England's Dele Alli performed an excellent rendition of the 'Ride the Pony' dance, France's Antoine Griezmann opted for a 'Take the L' move, and others, including England's Jesse Lingard, got involved in the action, too. It isn't just happening in the World Cup either; Dele Alli is actually a keen fan of Fortnite, occasionally streaming the game online and incorporating the dances into his profession at club level, too.

So, with this celebration craze becoming a bit of a 'thing' in the world of football, should FIFA follow suit? Eurogamer put this very question to FIFA creative director Matt Prior at Gamescom, and the response suggests that it could well happen in the future.

"We pride ourselves on authenticity so if it's something you see in the real world, if a player - Griezmann, Dele Alli, those guys generally tend to do that - if it's something they do, then it's something we would potentially look to emulate. At the end of the day, if you watch a game and you see something in the real world game, we want that reflected in our own title. So there is potential."

It was also stressed that any dances added to the game would be "driven by the actions of the real players", rather than by Fortnite itself. Digging a little deeper on that remark, Eurogamer asked about the possibility for copyright complications when it comes to replicating Fortnite's original dance emotes. Prior said that the team would have to "cross that bridge when [they] came to it".

Has the world gone mad? Would you be annoyed to see Fortnite's culture become a part of other games, too? Or do you like the fact that it would be celebrated, adding to the mainstream attention that it has been receiving lately? As ever, let us know with a comment below.