If you didn't see our review yesterday, Bandai Namco’s Go Vacation is now available on the Nintendo Switch. The 2011 Wii version of the game followed the success of Nintendo's 2009 release, Wii Sports Resort, but also expanded upon the original idea at the same time. 

Go Vacation on Switch is a high-definition port filled with over 50 different activities and has an impressive amount of things to see and do at a leisurely pace. If you’re still wondering at this point how it visually stacks up against the original release, above is a comparison video displaying the two versions of the game side-by-side. As crisp as the Switch version looks, it still appears to a bit rough around the edges due to the source material it's based on. 

Are you planning on picking up Go Vacation on Switch? Have you already got your hands on it? Are you impressed with the visual improvements? Tell us below.

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