Recently a lot of games arriving on the Switch have been revealed via eShop listings. The action-platform brawler, Treadnauts, by Topstitch Games appears to be following this trend, with its very own US listing popping up. Expected to arrive on 17th August for $9.99, Treadnauts is touted as a title that adds a touch of finesse to competitive platform fighters. 

You’ll be required to take control of a tank across a variety of zones, while gunning down opponents in a couch competitive mode for 2-4 players. Each tank has a variety of tricks including boosters for air maneuvers and treads that can climb any surface. There are also plenty of power-ups to collect like laser guns and grappling hooks. In addition to this, the game has player progression, modifiers, a single-player target test mode and computer AI tanks with three difficulty levels. It's worth noting the game is a hefty 1.5GB download. 

Take a look at the game’s Early Access trailer and tell us if you would be interested in a tank-brawler on Switch.