In 1993, Nintendo UK gave out a Super Mario All-Stars promotional video in the form of a VHS. Despite how odd this might sound by modern standards, at the time it was a relatively normal way of marketing video games and various other forms of entertainment to younger audiences. 

The low-budget and incredibly '90s production was hosted by Craig Charles - known around the same time for playing Dave Lister in the science-fiction comedy, Red Dwarf. This VHS has now been uploaded to YouTube in its entirety by fellow Nintendo Life contributor and video game journalist, Chris Scullion, as part of a preservation project. 

In it, a young Craig Charles is hanging out on a giant Nintendo spaceship that can beam down its crew to meet members of the Nintendo hotline (a telephone line active during the 1990s that players could call to talk to Nintendo game experts). Of course, being a promotional video, the marketing wasn't exactly mild, and very much matches up with Craig Charles' own tone during this era. 

The video consists of a series of favourable game reviews, a history lesson on Super Mario, interviews with the Nintendo hotline staff, a part about how games are made, and even a tips and tricks segment towards the end. It has basically everything you would want to see in a '90s production, from bad fashion to an over-the-top presenter. 

Tell us in the comments if you remember the glory days of the SNES and Red Dwarf. 

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