Fortnite Taiko

With Taiko no Tatsujin (or Taiko: Drum Master as its known in the west) arriving on Switch in Japan last week, along with that adorable little drum controller, it's understandable that players might be eager to get as much use out of their new drum as possible. As it turns out, one player has tried using it to play out a game of Fortnite Battle Royale - because of course they have.

The folks over at SwitchWatch have shared a video of this very attempt taking place, with the drum pad inputs and buttons being the only things available to use for an entire match. Is it even possible to play a game with such limited controls? Sort of, but it's just about as hard as you'd expect.

As you can see, the player struggles to run in any direction other than straight ahead and has no way of changing the camera angle. After finding the equivalent of the ZR trigger to smash up a tree for a bit, the player is forced to give up thanks to getting stuck on a rock. With no way to escape, the storm soon swoops in and finishes him off, almost mocking him for even attempting such a thing in the first place.

It is an interesting idea, though, and we can already imagine countless speedrunners and streamers dreaming up ways to complete games with this controller alone. We've already seen someone complete The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild with Donkey Kong Bongos, so it can't be long before YouTube is littered with new attempts.

Would you be brave/foolish enough to try something like this? Which games do you think could work with a limited controller setup? Let us know down below.