Earlier this year a listing in South Korea revealed Hungry Shark World by Ubisoft was swimming towards the Nintendo Switch. With the waters seemingly still, out of the blue, the game has now appeared on the Switch eShop for $9.99.

Developed by Ubisoft Studio, Future Games of London, Hungry Shark World originally started out as a free-to-download mobile title in 2016 with in-app purchases, and has since accumulated 500 million downloads.

Hungry Shark World for the Switch allows you to work your way through the food chain ranks, starting out as a wee shark and eventually becoming one of the most deadly predators in the ocean. It’s a rather silly premise, taking on the form of an arcade adventure, where you will eat anything in sight while battling a variety of gigantic boss-like sea creatures.

In total, there are 25 sharks to control and upgrade across four unique worlds. The environments range from tropical islands, sunken temples, vast cities to frozen icebergs, and there are more than 250 missions to complete. The more you explore, the more there is to discover including new parts of expansive levels filled with a variety of enemies and plenty of hidden treasure. This version of the game will also include fully optimised gamepad controls. 

Take a look at the official launch trailer below and tell us in the comments if you plan on sinking your teeth into this Ubisoft title, or if you would prefer to see a bigger fish from the French-based publisher released on the Switch.