Pentadimensional Games has announced that Megaton Rainfall, a superhero action game previously released on PS4 (with a VR option available) and Steam towards the end of last year, will be coming to Switch on 9th August.

A global alien invasion is taking place and you're tasked with facing it alone. Players must chase massive destruction devices at supersonic speeds around an Earth that is populated with semi-procedurally generated cities. Using lethal energy blasts, you must then finish off these alien devices, making sure to avoid any human casualties along the way; your power is so great that you might accidentally destroy the surroundings yourself if you miss your targets.

This idea actually goes a little further, too, as explained by the game's developer Alfonso Del Cerro in an interview last year. Speaking to VRFocus, he said, “You are indestructible in this game, but this city has a health bar and every time you kill human people, destroy buildings et cetera, the bar will go down and it will be game over".

It's certainly an intriguing one and has received "mostly positive" reviews on Steam up until now.

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