Mario Tennis Aces looks set to receive a new update tomorrow, finally giving players the option to quickly retry missions in the game's story mode.

The news comes from the official Japanese patch notes for the incoming update, in which a whole wave of tweaks and adjustments have been listed. This new 'retry' function will allow you to quickly restart a mission should you fail, and will also be available to select from the pause menu, finally getting rid of the tedious wait between failing a level and jumping back in again.

On top of this, several characters have seen changes and balancing improvements including the likes of Waluigi, Bowser, Wario, and Toad, various bugs have been fixed, and minor adjustments to energy consumptions have also been made. In a nice touch, players will also now be able to select 'R Stick only' as an option for trick shots, moving that shot option away from the face buttons to avoid any accidental mistakes.

Elsewhere, it appears that the next most wanted feature - to be able to select how many sets you'd like to play in free play mode - still hasn't been addressed. The patch notes say that a one-set, six-game option has been added to Swing Mode, with no mention of any other additions, suggesting that players are still unable to fully customise their experience in the way you might expect.

The update is scheduled to go live on 1st August in Japan and we'd expect other regions to follow suit very soon after.

Are you happy with this new update, or are you still left wanting more? Share your thoughts with us below.