Mario Tennis Aces is a little bit of all right in our eyes, which you'll know if read or watched our review, so when Nintendo UK asked to make some videos that are distinctly related, we thought that was a fairly marvellous idea.

So as you can probably see, we've compiled all three videos below for your viewing entertainment. We're personally very chuffed with the introduction to the Swing Mode video, so if you only watch one of them for some mad reason, make sure it's that one.

Up first we're looking at the story, and to make sure it's all spoiler-free and delicious, we're only going to be taking you through the introduction of the story, because yes, there's a real, ludicrous plot tied to it. And we love it.

Secondly we're going to take it up just a smidgen with some quick tips to help you get an edge in-game. There's five of them to chew through, but they're genuinely handy if you find yourself stuck in Adventure Mode or being repeatedly pummelled online.

And lastly, the Wii Sports-reminiscent Swing Mode. If your memories of Wii Sports Tennis is of just waggling the controller from a comfortable seat on the sofa, this will be a bit of a shock. As technology has improved, so have motion controls, and this is probably one of the hardest game modes to get to grips with as it relies almost entirely on real-life tennis structure and mechanics.