During the EA Play conference a couple of days ago, one of the stand-out games was undoubtedly Unravel Two - a sequel to 2016's Unravel which launched immediately after the show on other platforms. The co-op platforming nature of the game, the cuddly and adorable aesthetic, and the fact that the two characters are the exact same colours as the Joy-Con controllers had Switch owners wondering why Nintendo's console had been left out.

The Creative Director of Coldwood Interactive, Martin Sahlin (the man who passionately presented the new game on stage at E3), is aware of the comments surrounding this question and has addressed the issue via Twitter. Apparently, the game's absence is not one that the studio wanted, but rather a result of a lack of resources thanks to its relatively small size.

Sahlin goes on to say that the studio hasn't given up hope on bringing the game to Switch, and if a way to do so presents itself, it could well become a reality.

Questions will once again be asked of EA - the publisher behind the Unravel series - as a lack of resources and funding within Coldwood Interactive could easily be supported by the company if it saw a Switch port as being worthwhile. After recent comments from the game's producer stating that Madden 19 won't appear on Switch because it's "what's best" for the game, and this lack of desire to fund a seemingly perfect fit for the console in Unravel Two, it seems EA is still strangely hesitant to support Nintendo's system.

Would you like to see Unravel Two arrive on Switch? Do you think EA is missing a trick by ignoring the system all too often? Let us know your thoughts below.

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