NIS America has announced that Labyrinth of Refrain: Coven of Dusk will be bringing its fantastical strategy RPG gameplay to Switch on 18th September in North America, and 21st September in Europe.

In the game, players must command a brigade of puppet soldiers as you navigate the twisting passageways of the Labyrinth of Refrain. Starting at your base, you'll prepare for your journey by upgrading your brigade, creating new puppet soldiers, assigning them to different squads and formations, and more before heading out to the Labyrinth itself.

Once you've entered, you'll need to search every nook and cranny as you jump over barricades, solve puzzles, and smash your way through walls to delve further and further downward in search of treasure and rare artefacts. The dungeon gets more vicious the deeper you go, however, so surviving is no easy feat.

Key Features:
- A Massive Maze - Dive into the miasma-filled labyrinth as the Tractatus de Monstrum along with your brigade of puppet
soldiers to smite monsters and uncover dark secrets.
- Fast-Paced Combat! - Strange creatures and traps of all sorts will stand in your path as you go deeper in the maze. Give
orders to your army and crush them with special skills!
- Build an Undefeatable Army - Create your very own puppet soldiers, grant them a variety of different roles, and assign
them to specialized squads to make your own unique brigade!

Will you be exploring the Labyrinth this September? Let us know if you're interested in this one with a lovely comment down below.