Nintendo has been very clear that the concept of the Virtual Console is a relic of the past; on Switch, it seems that the company has other ideas about how to distribute retro games on its latest console.

However, that hasn't stopped Nintendo fan and indie developer JayH from dreaming up this intriguing hardware concept which bolts a screen to a single Joy-Con controller to create the perfect vintage gaming solution.

While it's nothing more than a mock-up on a page at the moment, we're struck by the simplicity of this design; it wouldn't cost Nintendo much to produce a unit which houses a screen and a system-on-a-chip powerful enough to run SNES, NES, Mega Drive and Neo Geo games, and this could be equipped with Wi-Fi in order to download games from the eShop. 

Or, perhaps an industrious individual not involved with Nintendo can find a way of connecting the Joy-Con to a screen for emulation purposes - could this be a Kickstarter in the making?

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