Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

This year’s E3 has been an interesting one for Nintendo; plenty of big games were shown off to an adoring public, but the overall presentation from the company was a little light on surprise announcements and there were some disappointments. No news on a new Animal Crossing, nor any footage or announcements on the previously revealed Metroid Prime 4 and Yoshi left some fans wanting, yet Nintendo still managed to be the most popular company at the show, at least on Twitter.

The social network recently released some stats on the volume and content of Tweets during last week, and the results were fascinating to say the least. A grand total of 15 million (!) Tweets were made about the expo, with the biggest spike coming in during the Nintendo Direct, where 890,000 Tweets were logged. Here’s the breakdown of most Tweeted about topics over the course of the show:

1. Nintendo (@Nintendo)
2. Xbox (@Xbox)
3. Super Smash Bros. (#SuperSmashBros)
4. Fallout (@Fallout)
5. Playstation (@PlayStation)
6. Kingdom Hearts (@KINGDOMHEARTS)
7. Ubisoft (@Ubisoft)
8. Elder Scrolls (@ElderScrolls)
9. Death Stranding (#DEATHSTRANDING)
10. Fortnite (@FortniteGame)

And when it comes to games specifically, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate was at the top of the pack:

1. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate
2. Kingdom Hearts 3
3. Fallout 76
4. The Last of Us 2
5. Death Stranding

And here were the events that generated the most conversation for the week:

1. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate release date is announced
2. Ridley announced as newest character added to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate
3. Elder Scrolls VI trailer is revealed at @Bethesda press conference

What do you think? Was this  good year for Nintendo at E3? How many of those Tweets were generated by you? Share your thoughts in the comments below.