Things weren't looking bright for football of the American variety on the Switch, so this news comes with incredibly good timing. Digital Dreams Entertainment is preparing to bring the brutal insanity of Mutant Football League to the Switch. This Unity-driven spiritual sequel to the Sega Megadrive classic Mutant League Football was a Kickstarter success story and has since steadily become a fan favourite while making a natural transition from PC to game consoles.

If you are unfamiliar with the original 16-bit game, picture Madden but with skeletons, orcs, and robots instead of the usual human players. Now grab the rulebook and throw it out the window. Bribing the referee is the mildest of dirty tricks you can use to get an advantage, with some truly incredible carnage being provided by not only traps built into the football fields but by giving your star quarterback weapons to clear a path to a very bloody touchdown. Four player couch co-op and online modes will ensure this will be a lovely way to ruin friendships.

If you ever played any game of Midway's NFL Blitz franchise, we are sure this trailer will bring back some fun memories. In case you are wondering - no, your ears are not deceiving you; the one and only Tim Kitzrow of NBA Jam fame will be reprising his role as the colourful commentator.

While there is no official release date just yet, Digital Dreams is bringing the most recent Switch build to demo at this year's edition of E3, so hopefully, we will have more definitive news soon.

Were you a fan of Mutant League Football or NFL Blitz? Is Bones Jackson your favourite MFL player? Tell us in the comments section below.