Mega Man 11

One of Capcom’s most anticipated upcoming releases for the Switch is that of Mega Man 11, the latest entry in the Blue Bomber’s long legacy. Given the cult status of the character, it stands to reason that many fans will want to have a physical copy of the game to display right alongside their shiny new amiibo when the game (and figure) launch in October. Well, if you happen to live in Europe, neither of those things will be on your shelf anytime soon.

Capcom just confirmed to The Nintendo Channel that Mega Man 11 will be receiving only a digital release in the UK and Europe, and it further confirmed that it currently has no announcement for a European release of the new amiibo. Considering that North Americans will be receiving both, even in a bundle, this does come as a blow, but perhaps the company will change its plans. At the very least, there’s always importing, right?

What do you think? Will this affect your purchasing decision? Why do you think Capcom isn’t releasing physical in the region? Share your thoughts in the comments below.