Mario Tennis Aces

One of the hottest games currently on the Switch is Mario Tennis Aces, the latest in Nintendo’s long-running arcade tennis series. The presence of both a single player campaign and local and online co-op mean that there’s something here for everybody, and as has now become a standard for most Nintendo games, regular patches will continue to update and improve on the game in the months to come.

A patch just went live today that makes a small series of changes to the game, with the most notable  being a new rating system for players in the online sphere. In addition to this, the single player mode has been made a bit more fair in places, and some known issues have been addressed. Here’s the full list of patch notes:

  • Changes to Online Tournaments

    • The “Rating” feature will be added to the game on July 1, 2018.
      Ratings scores will start at 2,000 and go up after scoring points and go
      down when losing points in matches. It is a score that shows how strong
      the player is. (The in-game ranking board will continue to be based on
      Total Points.)
    • In cases where there is a disconnection during a match, ratings will
      go up or down based on the score in that match at that time.
    • When there is great discrepancy between players in ability, a player’s rating may not go up even if they win.
  • Changes to missions in Adventure mode

    • Forest Practice Court: We have adjusted how often the opponent uses Zone Shots.
    • Forest Edge: We have adjusted how quickly the opponent responds to shots.
    • Reflection Room: We have adjusted how much Energy is refilled.
    • Royal Chamber: We have adjusted how much Energy is refilled.
  • Other changes

    • Online Tournament: We have addressed an issue of settings not aligning with Options settings when starting a match.
    • Online Tournament: We have addressed an issue of the game freezing
      when pressing certain buttons after there is a communication error.
    • There will be further adjustments to game balance in matches and character performance.

What do you think? What’s your rating online? How do you like Aces compared to previous games? Share your thoughts in the comments below.