Like a sleeping giant, the Twitter account for Kuma Tomo - known in the west as Teddy Together - has finally emerged from its stuffing-filled slumber after more than three years to tease some big news.

The tweet in question marks five years since the original launch of the game in Japan and states that an announcement is expected in the near future.

Developed by Arika and published by Bandai Namco in 2013, Kuma Tomo was adapted for western 3DS release by Nintendo in 2016, launching in Europe and Australia. 

We didn't think it was that bad, saying:

Teddy Together is a pleasant little game, and is a great option for children to play with their parents. Although the voice acting is a bit off, there is so much to be explored that it won't matter. A lot of kids' games can be rushed through, but the level of detail and effort put into Teddy Together makes it a solid choice for young gamers that enjoy the likes of Nintendogs and Tomodachi Life.

Are you up for some more Teddy Together action? Do you think this could be released on Switch, or will Bandai Namco aim for the 3DS market again? Let us know by posting something below.

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