Fun for all!

Nintendo recently revealed more details regarding the Switch's online service, which kicks off in September.

As well as confirming that cloud saves and NES games are on the way, Nintendo also issued a short FAQ covering various common questions relating to the service.

One of these questions is quite interesting:

Q) If I own multiple Nintendo Switch systems, will I need a separate membership for each one?

A) No. Nintendo Switch Online can be used on any device by signing in with the Nintendo Account that purchased the membership.

We don't know about you, but to us this sounds like Nintendo is adopting the same approach used in the world of smart devices, which is dominated by iOS and Android. With Android, for example, it's possible to sign into multiple devices at the same time and experience all of your purchased content on them without any issues. 

Assuming this works the same with Nintendo's system, you'd be able to have more than one Switch console and play the same games on each one - you'd even be able to sync your progress between them, thanks to the cloud save support. 

There may be some kind of restriction on the number of Switch consoles you can be signed into at any one time (Google adopts this approach with its Google Music service), but it's still a massive step forward for a company which has traditionally struggled to keep up with the pace of online development.

Or we could just be leaping to conclusions here and there will still be a limit on which systems you can download and play games on. This is Nintendo, after all.

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