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CIRCLE Entertainment has announced that World Conqueror X will be receiving a free update and expansion DLC, along with a temporary discount to celebrate, all starting on 10th May.

In addition to the wartime strategy game's update, which "makes some technical improvements to improve the player’s experience", players will be able to immediately start exploring the new expansion DLC which adds a Cold War campaign in Scenario Mode. This includes six missions on each side (NATO and WTO), adding 12 new levels overall.

It will also be possible to start ‘Conquest Mode’ from 1950, adding an alternative experience when seeking military and economic dominance. 

Features of the free update:
- Cold War campaign in scenario mode, adding 12 new missions
- Start Conquest Mode from 1950
- Gameplay and audio improvements
- 25% eShop discount from 10th - 24th May

As you can see, the 25% discount available on the eShop will run from 10th - 24th May so, if you haven't already grabbed yourself a copy of the game, now might just be the perfect time to do so. Here's what we thought of the game in our review if you'd like to know a little more:

"It’s not out to break new ground, but with enjoyable strategy gameplay and an appealing board game aesthetic, World Conquerer X is certainly a welcome addition to the Switch’s library. Minimal tutorials and under-explained mechanics make it easy to feel overwhelmed at the outset, but new recruits who stick it out will find plenty of strategic fun in both the bite-sized Scenario missions and globe-spanning madness of Conquest mode.

Will you be checking out this new update?