Like them or loathe them, Battle Royale games are the flavour of the moment. From Player Unknown's Battlegrounds to the myriad bootleg ripoffs found on mobile app stores, there's plenty to go around, and plenty of people willing to play them. The biggest, juiciest peach of them all from a statistical point of view is Fortnite, made by Epic Games of Gears of War fame.

It's got millions of active players, it's free for anyone to download and enjoy, so just like the rest of the internet, we've been wondering about the possibility of a port to the Nintendo Switch. It's well optimised and already runs on iPhones so there's no doubt in our minds that it's entirely possible, but will it actually happen?

Rumours have been circling that Nintendo and Epic Games will be announcing just such a port at E3 2018, and even the developers themselves have expressed an interest in bringing it to Nintendo's half-and-half console. Check out the video above where we go into infinitely more depth about the when, if, how, and why regarding Fortnite on Nintendo Switch.