Pikachu - Eurovision.jpg

As you might have heard, the annual Eurovision Song Contest is currently underway with the final taking place on 12th May. This is the 63rd edition and the first time it’s been held in Portugal. 

With 43 countries participating, there have been plenty of weird and wonderful performances on display. Israel’s entrant – 25-year-old Netta Barzilai – appears to be one of the favourites going through to the grand final with her fittingly obscure, but arguably catchy song, TOY.

Having already racked up millions of views on YouTube, it seems to have caught on with listeners all because Barzilai squawks like a chicken throughout. Any Pokémon enthusiast who saw her performance during the semi-finals might have also noticed a lyrical reference to Pikachu with, “I'm taking my Pikachu home,” as well as a pixel display of the beloved electric rodent. Fans of the song have even been celebrating by holding plush versions high in the air above their heads.

We doubt Pikachu has swapped sides permanently, and suspect he’ll be supporting Japan when the national team arrives in Russia next month for the FIFA World Cup.  

Watch the full act below and tell us in the comments if you think this song could go all the way at this year’s Eurovision Song Contest. 

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