If you like rock hard platformers and ninjas, then you'll no doubt be delighted to hear that the lovely folks at Metanet Software are bringing the wonderful N++ Ultimate Edition to the Switch eShop on the 24th May. N++’s bite-sized play sessions are ideal for gaming on-the-go, and the exhilarating local co-operative and competitive multiplayer are a perfect fit for the portable powerhouse, too.

Metanet have stripped down the classic 2D platformer to the core elements and injected some parkour acrobatics, so every moment you’ll spend playing N++ will be intuitive, thrilling and pure fun. The control of N++’s ninja is where the gameplay really shines — as you play and your skills grow, your ninja feels more and more effortlessly badass.

While the game is minimalist on the outside, Metanet has packed a lot into N++: revel in over 100+ eye-catching Funlockable colour schemes, and bask your ears in the splendor of over six hours of the best futuristic, atmospheric electronic music from boutique labels around the globe. There are 4,340 hand-crafted levels in all that will keep you playing for weeks. 

You can play with friends in local multiplayer Co-op and Race modes with your Joy-Cons. You won’t find a multiplayer game that tests the limits of your friendship quite like N++. Or, play through the lengthy and challenging Solo and Hardcore campaigns. And if that’s still not enough, you can create and share your own devious levels with players worldwide, using the built-in level editor.

Let us know if you plan to pick up this mini-ninja platformer later in the month with a comment below.