One of the biggest oversights in the otherwise smart design of the Nintendo Switch is the placement of the power port. It makes sense initially, as the console must be placed in a dock to be used on a TV, but the issues arise when playing in tabletop mode. Nintendo went to the trouble of building in a kickstand to make it more convenient to use the Switch in that configuration, yet it’s impossible to charge the console at the same time.

In response to this, the company has produced its own official charging stand, which will launch on 13th July for $19.99. It’s a relatively simple design; you plug the adapter cord into a port on the base and can then rest the Switch on the stand for extended sessions. The angle of the stand can even be adjusted, and it looks like it’s much sturdier than the rather flimsy kickstand that comes on the back of the Switch.

What do you think? Will you be using this? What other peripherals would you like to see for the Switch? Share your thoughts in the comments below.