Saturday Morning RPG mixed '80s nostalgia, tongue-in-cheek humour and accessible turn-based combat when it launched earlier this year, and it's now getting the physical treatment thanks to the good folks at Limited Run Games. Along with a standard physical edition (which will retail for $29.99 - that's about £22.50), the publisher is also planning to release a rather delectable Collector's Edition.

Priced at $69.99 (£52.50), you'll get a special steelbook, a double-sided poster and three card-backed figurines based on characters Marty Hall and Commander Hood. Oh, and there's even some scratch 'n' sniff stickers for good measure. Here's the full list below:

  • Two carded and posable 3.75 inch action figures of Marty and his arch-nemesis, Commander Hood
  • One double sided 18 x 24 inch poster featuring incredible art by Paul Mann and Eric Huang
  • A cassette tape featuring music from Rocky IV and Transformers composer, Vince DiCola
  • An official Nintendo Switch SteelBook® case
  • One sheet of scratch n' sniff stickers
  • Saturday Morning RPG for the Nintendo Switch with reversible cover art and a full-color manual (sealed in a standard Switch case).

Not bad eh? It goes on sale from this Friday from 3pm, and with only 2,500 units available, it's no doubt to sell like nostalgia-flavoured hot cakes. Will you be grabbing a copy? Share your thoughts on the news below...