The humble Game Boy has long been used as a musical instrument by chiptune enthusiasts, but this latest audio "hack" really doesn't just take the biscuit - it steals the entire jar and gobbles them all down in one go.

YouTuber LOOK MUM NO COMPUTER - who does loads of really interesting and experimental things with old tech - decided to put some of faulty Game Boy consoles through the grinder to see what he could come up with. 

He soldered a wire from an oscillator to the timing crystal of the Game Boy itself, allowing him to override the timing and use the oscillator to muck about with the Game Boy's CPU speed. 

The results are pretty interesting (there's also some bad language in the footage, so be warned) - if a little upsetting for those of you who have a special bond with the trusty DMG-001. At least these ill units are being put to some use, right?