If you're in the market for a new four-player multiplayer game that combines three of your favourtie things - breakast food items, exorcisms and Breakout-style gameplay - then we've got just the thing. Say hello to Breakforcist Battle, in all its hyper-cute glory.

Coming from two-person dev team Lucid Sheep Games, the new indie title seemingly has a setup for every combo of friends. You can play competitively with up to four other players, or try your hand at two-player co-op on the same playfield. You can play one-handed, or even just by titling the Switch back and forth. With a stream of zany powerups to help you save breakfast from cutesy evil, Breakforcist Battle is a tasty addition to Switch's upcoming menu.

You can check out the official announcement trailer above ahead of its 12th April release above. Does its sugar-coated couchplay action get your tummy rumbling? Let us know below...