Many of you have no doubt played Regalia: Of Men And Monarchs – Royal Edition, a tactical RPG with heavy JRPG elements that launched on the eShop last week, and noticed the excessive load times. Though they don’t render the experience unplayable, they do present a significant inconvenience that does tend to drag things down. A patch has already gone out to address the issue, but not everything has been fixed, so the developers have posted about how load times can be cut down further in advance of the next update.

If you have the game installed on an SD card, it may be a good idea to move it to internal storage; as tests done by the developers have shown that this speeds things up a good bit. Moving the data between locations won’t delete your saves either, so there’s no risk involved. Here’s what the developers had to say:

We are aware that patch 1.0.1 has not solved all the technical issues and we wanted to assure you we’re working full-force on improving the stability of the game and making the loading times shorter. We hope to get these things improved as soon as possible.

How to make loading times shorter?

We performed some tests that indicate the loading times are much longer if the game is installed on an SD memory card, and they hugely depend on the performance of the memory card. That’s why we recommend installing the game in the console’s internal memory, especially for new players. Please note that reinstalling the game from your memory card to your internal console memory will NOT delete your game progress.

Patch 1.0.2. on the way!

We have just finished working on Patch number 1.0.2, submitted it for review, and it should be available for download in a few days. The patch will:

– Add an option to auto load scenes without having to press the “A” button, which should result in shorter loading times. This option will be turned on by default.
– Fix an issue in Esther’s Heart of Glass quest.
– Improve controls and cursor movement for players with used up analog sticks.
– Add “ZL” and “ZR” icons if there are more than one actions available during exploration.
– Replace the “Press B to Restart Battle” option with “Hold B to Restart Battle”.
– Fix a few minor issues.

What do you think? Have you been enjoying Regalia? What’s your favorite RPG on the Switch? Share your thoughts in the comments below.