Sumo Digital's Snake Pass was one of the surprise hits on Nintendo Switch in its first few months of life, and now the developer is now alluding to some potential new updates for the physics-based platformer. The tease came through the game's official Twitter - which has recently been giving away free code's for the game - stating, "tomorrow, we’ll have sssomething a little bit ssspecial and sssought after."

So what could it mean? Is Snake Pass due to get some DLC? Some more content patched in? Or maybe, just maybe, is Sumo Digital about to announce a sequel? We really enjoyed Snake Pass - check out Mitch's review from last year if you don't believe us - so any sort of extra content would be welcome.

Did you play Snake Pass the first time around? Would extra content be enough to bring you slithering back? Let us know, in the usual way...