Labo Mahjong

Some days you do just have to chuckle to yourself when covering the latest gaming news. While some were skeptical of Nintendo Labo when it was first revealed, the concept seems to have won a lot of people over and the use of cardboard alongside the Labo games is genuinely innovative.

And then we have the photo above, which shows how Imaginative Technology Land's Handy Mahjong makes use of a similar idea. It's coming to Japanese eShop on the 8th March for only 500 Yen, and uses a piece of cardboard (which you'll have to fashion yourself) to prevent your opponent from seeing your section of the screen.

It's actually not such a bad idea if you want to play a game of Mahjong with a friend and have some privacy when playing on Switch's own screen in tabletop mode, but you probably aren't going to win any awards for fashion if you play this in public. 

The proposed solution for playing on the big screen is even more hilarious. What even is this? A coat hanger suspended from the TV with a paper curtain hanging at a 90-degree angle in the middle of the TV screen? That is pretty far out!

A paper curtain for your TV

Do you plan to pick this up from the Japanese eShop store next week? Would you kill for a western release of Battleships or Guess Who? in a similar vein to this? Let us know your thoughts with a comment below.