With the dust barely settled since the explosive, announcement extravaganza that was this month's Nintendo Direct, Nintendo has scheduled another broadcast, this time focused around the independently made 'Nindies' that are headed to Ninty platforms in 2018 and beyond.

So which games could we see revealed or shown in greater detail when the show kicks off today at 4pm GMT/12pm EDT/9am PST? While there's no concrete info on any of the games set to be featured, we can make a few educated guesses. Undertale, which received a shock reveal at the recent Direct, seems a dead cert, and it seems likely we'll hear something about Super Meat Boy Forever from Team Meat.

We're hoping we hear more about Shovel Knight: King Of CardsTravis Strikes Again: No More Heroes and many more. The previous Nindies Showcase, which aired back in August 2017, boasted 20 different games so we're hoping for an indie blowout later today. 

In the meantime, share your predictions with the rest of the Nintendo Life community below. Which ones are most obvious? Are there any titles you think might get a surprise reveal? Let us know your hot takes...