UK publisher Bitmap Books has confirmed that its next "Visual Compendium" will switch focus to Nintendo's rival, Sega.

Bitmap's last two compendiums focused on the NES and SNES, and showcased loads of lovely screenshots, artwork, features and exclusive interviews. The next book will highlight the talents of the Master System, Sega's 8-bit rival to the NES.

As before, Bitmap will be launching a Kickstarter campaign to fund production of the book. It begins on Monday, 7th May at 7am BST.

After covering such internationally successful consoles as the NES and SNES, it will be interesting to see what Bitmap can pull out of the bag for the Master System, which has to rank as one of the most underrated platforms of recent memory. 

A failure in Japan and North America, the Master System was top dog in Europe and Brazil, boasting many amazing exclusives such as Psycho Fox, Wonder Boy III: The Dragon's Trap, Fantasy Zone II, Phantasy Star and many more besides.

Let us know if you'll be pledging some cash by posting a comment below.

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