Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle

Though support hasn’t always been top notch, Ubisoft has been pretty good about bringing its games to Nintendo audiences in the past, and that trend has been continuing with the Switch. The launch of Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle was an incredible win for the company, mixing the famous plumber and his friends with a new gameplay style that pleased a lot of fans. Evidently, the game sold extremely well, too, as it’s placed Ubisoft at the forefront of third party successes on the Switch.

In its third quarter financial results briefing today, Ubisoft revealed that Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle has been the highest selling third-party game on the Switch, which consequently puts the publisher in the overall lead on the Switch in terms of third party sales. Hopefully, this proves to be encourage Ubisoft and other major developers to start taking more risks on the Switch; it’d be nice if that top spot started to change hands frequently.

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