Wouldn't it be great to get a new Streets Of Rage game for Switch? As that's unlikely to ever happen, Streets Of Red: Devil's Dare Deluxe might be the next best thing. It's got the classic Streets of Rage intro nailed anyway!

Alas the gameplay looks much different from SOR. Singapore based developer Secret Base has instead come up with a permadeath multiplayer horror beat-'em-up that bestows players with the skills of retro gaming heroes in a fight against a legion of undead monstrosities.

SOR:DDD was designed to be played over and over again, with each run offering up the potential for new content. Six unique playable characters and an ever-growing level selection work to keep the gameplay from getting old and rotten, while the easy to learn but hard to master combat system allows for plenty of depth.  

With every kill, you earn cash that can be spent on upgrades, or to revive yourself when you die. You better learn how to make cash fast and spend it smart in SOR:DDD because when you're dead, your save data dies with you. The chills, thrills, bills, and opportunity to learn new skills here won't stop until every street runs red with blood.

Streets Of Red: Devil's Dare Deluxe lands on the Switch eShop on 27th February. Will you be checking it out?