Bayonetta 2

There are a bunch of collectibles to track down in Bayonetta 2. You've got Angelic Hymns, Hidden Verses, Journal Echoes, Umbran Crows, Broken Moon Pearls, Broken Witch Hearts, Accessories, Weapons, and Costumes. It's pretty insane.

We want to make it easier for you to unlock all of these things, so we're running a guide series on how to do just that. This one focuses on the 13 Angelic Hymns, and we'll run down their locations by chapter. Happy hunting!

Angelic Hymns

Hymn Chapter Location Reward
One One By the square just after completing Verse 5. Rakshasa
Two Two Cathedral entrance following the battle with the angel wielding a hammer. Kafka
Three-A Four Defeat Fidelity. ---
Three-B Four Drop inside the slanted tower, and search the eastern area. Undine
Four-A Five At the very beginning, swim through the water to the western shore and destroy the resting place. ---
Four-B Five Right after completing Verse Seven, head to the western side of the map and head through a door to grab it. Chernobog
Five-A Eight Defeat Allegiance. ---
Five-B Eight At the end of Verse Seven, head around the portal instead of through it and destroy the resting place. ---
Five-C Nine Complete Verse Six and drop down onto the platforms. You'll see it a short distance ahead. Takemikazuchi
Six-A 10 At the start of chapter 10, climb the rocks to the east and follow them along to find this piece. ---
Six-B 10 Defeat Resentment and follow a path to the east to grab this one. ---
Six-C 10 Defeat Pain then destroy the nearby resting place. Salamandra
Super Mario 64 All Defeat every chapter on Third Climax to unlock this one. Chain Chomp