One of the most delightfully strange experiences that you could find on the Wii U was that of Woah Dave!, a Mario Bros.-like arcade game with nearly endless replay value. Though that game would be a perfect fit for the Switch, developer Choice Provisions has ensured that its sequel, Space Dave!, will be coming to the platform next week.

Unlike its predecessor, Space Dave! is a modern take on arcade shooters of yore, pulling inspiration from games like Galaga. It looks to be just as engaging as the original, but in an entirely new way, and that characteristic weirdness doesn’t seem to be diminished here. It launches on the eShop on 25th January, and will feature local co-op, leaderboards, and multiple playable characters.

What do you think? Did you like Woah Dave!? Will you be picking up Space Dave!? HOW EXCITED ARE YOU FOR THIS GAME!?