Dragon Ball FighterZ is pretty special, but it's not coming to Switch - not yet, anyway.

While Bandai Namco continues to mull over the potential of a Switch port, fans have been digging into the options of the PC version to come up with some interesting findings - one of which relates to scalable graphics options.

On PC, you can drastically drop down the detail to ensure things move as smoothly as possible, as well as reduce the resolution. The end result is you can make things look really basic - almost like a Nintendo DS title - but the key thing here is that the gameplay remains intact.

That PC titles have scalable graphics settings isn't news, and porting Dragon Ball FighterZ (that's 'Fighters' by the way) to Switch isn't as simple as just taking the PC edition and dropping the detail, but this does at least give us some hope that with the proper amount of tinkering, Bandai Namco could find a way of bringing this critically-acclaimed brawler to Nintendo's console (and no, we wouldn't expect it to look like this, either).

[source kotaku.com.au]