We knew Payday 2 was going to Nintendo Switch - it's been teased enough - but thanks to today's quick-fire Nintendo Direct Mini we now know Starbreeze Studios' co-op heist sim will be hitting the portable platform next month on the 27th February - and with a brand new character, to boot.

The new version will support the CRIME.NET feature, which enables you and up to three other like-minded players to team up locally for the ultimate job. Payday 2's main characters - Dallas, Hoxton, Wolf and Chains - will be joined by another mask-toting crim. Joy wears a unique, Watch Dogs 2-style LED-mask and comes with some unique weapons and her own perks. She'll also be a timed exclusive. 

The HD Rumble of the Joy-Cons will give gunfire and grenade throwing a new lease of life, and the game comes packed with enough modifiable weapons and tools to plan out even the toughest of heists. There's also a new mask customisation mode for that added sense of personalistion.

Payday 2 is almost upon us? Will you be taking on a life of crime on Nintendo Switch? We certainly will be...