According to data collected by NPD Group, a firm that tracks video game sales in the United States, Nintendo Switch sold more units than any other console during the month of December. The five weeks in question saw Switch shift a tidy 1.5 million consoles in one of the busiest months in the gaming calendar. That figure has helped Switch accumulate a mind-bendingly massive 4.8 million, making it the fastest selling games console in US history.

Oh, and did we mention 3DS racked up its best sales figures since 2014? Holy tamale! According to Nintendo, the NPD Group figures show that, collectively, the different versions of Nintendo 3DS hardware sold more than 750,000 units in the US during the most festive of months - that's a 27% increase over the same period a year ago. That means the 'Nintendo 3DS family of systems' has hit a a new milestone of more than 21 million sold in the US alone.

So Switch continues to show strong stats, especially among our wise North American friends, but it's amazing to see 3DS having a late resurgence thanks to a handful of strong titles in 2017. Let us know your thoughts, in word-based form, below...