With the positive momentum around the Switch and the evident eagerness of its growing userbase to play a lot of games on the device, plenty of developers are jumping on board. Another with a project in the works is inXile Entertainment, which is working on Wasteland 2: Director's Cut for the system.

The studio's Brian Fargo posted the tease on Twitter.

For those of you wondering where the first game is, that's a title from 1988; though the original classic is included with Steam purchases of Wasteland 2 we wouldn't expect it in this console release.

The post-apocalyptic setting is used to introduce a broad range of scenarios within a role-playing experience, with turn-based strategy at the heart of gameplay. The Directors Cut arrived on PS4 and Xbox One back in October 2015, so hopefully the port will come across in good shape.

Are you excited about this one coming to the Switch?

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