Hot off the heels of Switch's impressive global sales of 10 million units in its first nine months, the hybrid wonder continues to break records and sell like hot cakes the world over. Over in South Korea, it's been revealed Switch has sold over 55,000 units in just three days.

The figure, which was revealed by Nintendo Of Korea and subsequently shared by a user on the Resetera forums, confirms the plucky console has even broken plenty of South Korean sales records. 

Switch has not only beaten the launch week sales for DS, 3DS and Wii, it's smashed the monthly launch figures for each one as well. South Korean gamers have had to wait nine months to catch up with the rest of us, but it looks like our friends overseas are showing Switch just as much love right from the off.

Switch is going from strength to strength in 2017, but how do you think it'll perform in 2018? Go on, treat us to a comment below.