Developer Lunar Hare Studios has launched a crowdfunding campaign for their Super Smash Bros. inspired platform-fighter Earth Romancer, currently aiming to fund the development for versions on Steam and Nintendo Switch.

The game aims to blend the flexible combo chaining of traditional fighters with Super Smash Bros.' control scheme and movement, adding in a mechanic where you can dash and jump through projectiles to create a "rock-paper-scissors dynamic" within the gameplay. You can check out an interview with the developer below.

Earth Romancer is being designed to suit competitive play, with unique movesets for each character in the game. It will also feature an episodic single-player campaign to flesh out the lore of each character, allowing players to see their backstories. The game's lead developer talks a little about his intentions for the project on its crowdfunding page:

As a designer I've taken inspiration from every competitive fighting game I've ever played. From Melty Blood to Marvel vs. Capcom. You can bet Earth Romancer will be fun for any type of player. We're combining the pick-up-and-play aspect of platform brawlers with the high-flying spectacle and flashy goodness from traditional fighters! 
We're also making sure the game keeps a vibrant aesthetic. Everything from the characters to the soundtrack have deep inspirations from old-school surreal platformers and classic fantasy RPGs.

If you're interested in learning more about the project you can check out its crowdfunding campaign on Fig here - it is aiming to reach a target of $100,000 by 25th January and has already received 20% of the funds. Does this seem like a potential winner to you? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.