We've seen various developers and publishers make use of the option to pre-purchase eShop games on the Switch, and Atooi got creative in turning Mutant Mudds Collection pre-orders into 'early bird discounts'. In case you missed this little nugget of news last week, we thought a little reminder would be useful.

If you buy the game before 14th December you can pay $9.99USD / £7.29 / €8.69, a saving of a third on the standard price of $14.99USD / £10.99 / €12.99. It's not clear - according to Atooi itself - when on 14th December the price will Switch, so the best bet if you want the deal is to purchase when your calendar still says it's the 13th.

We've seen other developers also offer launch discounts on Switch eShop games; with intense competition on the store we're seeing promotions more frequently. Are you tempted to pre-load Mutant Mudds Collection and get the discount? We certainly recommend it in our review.