High-quality collectible maker First 4 Figures has revealed its first statue from the Shovel Knight universe and, as always, it's rather breathtaking to behold.

Available in Regular, Exclusive, and Ornate Plate Armor editions - as well as a Combo edition which gives you those second two variants in one package - this new figure is likely to have fans of the series frantically scrambling for their credit cards and thinking up ways to justify the $299 cost to their significant others. You can see the figure in the flesh in this video below, and we've thrown in some photos for you to feast your eyes on, too.


In what is a rather marvellous touch, all versions other than the Regular edition will come with an interchangeable Fish Head, resembling the character '????' from the games. We can't imagine anything better than displaying a shining, golden, shovel-grasping knight with a fish for a head on the dining table, and now that dream has finally become a reality!

Certain editions of the figure will be released through a limited pre-order window so, if you're looking to grab one for yourself, you might want to head over to the First 4 Figures website pretty soon. As ever, we'd love to know your thoughts on the figure in the comments below.

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