Splatoon 2 has followed the path of its predecessor in delivering regular (often weekly) content for free. A lot of the time we're receiving new weapons or outfits, but Nintendo has now unveiled a whole lot of upcoming goodies in a new trailer.

There are multiple new stages, hair styles, a fresh battle mode, new amiibo functionality and more on the way. First of all, get a quick overview below.

These additions will be split into two major updates - one is coming this week on 24th November, and the other is coming in mid-December.

So, let's break it down.

Update on 24th November

  • MakoMart stage (enters rotation on Saturday)
  • A new Salmon Run stage, Salmonid Smokeyard (available from Friday)
  • 140 extra pieces of gear
  • New music from "the punk-flavoured Bottom Feeders (pictured) and classically-trained avant-garde-style Ink Theory"
  • New hair styles
  • Scan Splatoon amiibo to take in-game pictures
  • Max level raised to 99
  • Swap gear between battles within the online lobbies

Second update in mid-December

  • Clam Blitz battle mode - "Competing Inklings are tasked with collecting clams scattered around the stage. After one is picked up, the clam weirdly follows you. Your objective is to throw the clam into the basket near your opponent’s base. The first team to score 100 points wins! The baskets are protected by a barrier, which must be destroyed first. After collecting 10 clams, you’ll earn a Power Clam. These super-powered clams are the key to breaking the barrier, so strategy will definitely be involved in deciding which clams are used to destroy the barrier and which are used to earn points. Not to mention the extra-satisfying opportunity to steal your opponents’ clams by splatting them."

'Coming Soon'

  • New stage - Shellendorf Institute
  • Two more returning stages - Walleye Warehouse and Arowana Mall

Let us know what you think of these upcoming update in the comments.

[source nintendo.co.uk]