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Levelling up Pokémon can always be such a pain. While battles will often bring your Pokémon down to Level 50 or up to Level 100, there are many reasons to get your Pokémon to higher levels. Some Pokémon, such as Zweilous, don't evolve until they hit Level 64. Although the Move Reminder can also teach your Pokémon moves late in its moveset, there is one particular reason to still go to Level 100: Hyper Training.

For those who don't know, Hyper Training is where you can boost up your Pokémon's IVs to appear as if they were max, but to do so you have to get your Pokémon to Level 100; that's not ideal, especially as experience gained scales to the opponent's level so the higher level you are, the less experience you will gain. Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon have made things a bit easier in order to do that.

Here are some tips for levelling your Pokémon up to Level 100, or whatever level you wish.


Previous Methods

There are of course easy ways to boost your Experience gained. Most notable is the Lucky Egg, which you obtain from Professor Kukui, which boosts the experience you gain from battle by 50%. Exp. Share also allows for all your Pokémon to gain experience, even if they're not in battle.

In addition to this, traded Pokémon get a 50% boost in experience gained, and Pokémon from another language game get an even bigger boost.


Poké Pelago

Poké Pelago is a really passive way to level your Pokémon up. When you get Isle Evelup, you will have the ability to put your Pokémon through a training session. With this session they'll earn 300 experience points (at the island's level 3) and it lasts half an hour. Due to this, you can just put a Pokémon in Isle Evelup and have it passively level up your Pokémon while you sleep or while you do other things. This is a time consuming process but allows for it to happen while life happens, so you don't have to worry.


Roto Loto

The Roto Loto is a new feature that causes you to get items that function in a similar way to O-Powers of Generation 6. One of these items is the Roto Exp. Points which will boost experience gained for a short amount of time, around 10 minutes.


Best place to train

So where's the best place to train your Pokémon? Typically it's the place with the highest level Pokémon, which would be Poni Gauntlet. However, nearby there is a small area where you can actually do a lot better. In Poni Plains there are a few shaking bushes. From there, you can get one of three Pokémon: Cottonee/Petilil, Scyther and most importantly, Chansey.

Chansey as a Pokémon typically gives a lot of experience, so it is a prime choice. However, as it only has a 20% chance to appear, it may not seem the best. This is where S.O.S. Battles come in. If you start an S.O.S. Battle with Chansey, it will keep calling other Chansey, and even sometimes Blissey to come in. Knock them out and you'll get a lot of experience points. As with chaining for Shiny Pokémon, you may want a Pokémon with Trick and Recycle to put Leppa Berry onto the Chansey and Recycle your Berry, or you will need to KO the first Chansey and keep another on the field so that the battle won't end when it gets down to only using Struggle.

If you tie this in with the Lucky Egg and Roto Exp. Points items, then you'll get a significant amount. If you do it in another game with your Pokémon, this boost increases further. From one Chansey, you could in theory get around 50,000 experience from one Chansey at a low level, and even 5,000 experience from a single Chansey if you're at Level 99! It'll still take a while, but it is a lot less of a grind than before.

Those are some of our tips for levelling up your Pokémon in the latest releases; share you own in the comments below!