Aperion Cyberstorm.png

We first played Aperion Cyberstorm - by aPriori Digital - back in 2015, and had a lot of fun with its stylish twin-stick shooting. That was on Wii U, but the realities of making games with limited resources and the rapid decline of the console saw it fall off the radar, which was a real pity.

Well, the game is still very much alive, and it's coming to Nintendo Switch in early 2018; importantly it's still coming to the Wii U as well, so those with the previous system won't miss out.

This bullet-hell shooter has various modes for single or multiplayer, with up to five able to take part. On the Switch it'll support various configurations and controls, and in a particularly nice touch it'll have accessibility options including 'lefty-flip' controls and optional settings for resizing text, auto-fire and so on. Some details and a trailer are below.

  • 5 players using either dual Joy-Con or horizontal Joy-Cons + Pro controllers
  • Handheld, table-top, and TV mode supported
  • Accessibility options that allow for Auto-fire, Auto-abilities, and Text Resizing
  • 60 FPS across all modes

Whether alone, or with your friends, this couch coop shooter is packed to the jets with a stacked roster of modes and options for endless variety! Uncover a conspiracy in Campaign, survive waves of enemies in Onslaught, or fight for the crown in Versus.

But what if you're in the woods with no one around for miles? We've got you covered. Alongside the laundry list of customisation in Versus is the option to add AI players to spice things up. True five player battles are always possible! 

We’ve added a ton of features to the game since our last major announcement, including AI players for constant five player battles in versus, unlockable maps as a reward for making it through each of the game's three modes, unlockable difficulty and Boss Rush modes, and additional customisation options to suit as many players as possible.

The game also records the types of kills you get in each mode once you make a player profile, for those who like to know the nitty-gritty of how many thousands of enemy they exploded.

If you're in the UK you'll also be able to go hands on with the game at the upcoming Hyper Japan event in London.

We think it's certainly one to watch; let us know if it's caught your eye in the comments.