It's quite strange for me to be sat here writing something like this up, celebrating the unveiling of our new studio to you lovely people, when just three years ago I was just a part-time contributor to this fair site occasionally throwing up the odd news article for the supreme overlords. Now to be tasked with producing the rapidly growing video content we churn out - with a level of responsibility that would worry any student worth their salt - is a little bit mind-boggling.

But onto the matter at hand! It gives me great pleasure to unveil the new YouTube studio in the video above that I'll be using for all my Nintendo Life duties. It's been a lot of work to set up, but it's totally worth it, and I look forward immensely to being able to deliver even more exciting content directly into your eyeballs in the years to come.

To my colleagues and you lovely people, for all the support you've all shown over my career, thank you!